Design By Me

Roughly over a year ago I changed my design alias from Shiffted Design to Design By Jaiden. I felt this was necessary as I was turning the next page on my "design journey". I first started designing under the name Shiffted as I had first created a clothing line called Shiffted. I felt people recognized me (people being myspace friends, ha) under the name Shiffted, it felt like a smart path to follow. In retrospect it was a silly idea to have a clothing line featuring other artists than me, and to have a design front featuring strictly only me. After some time I realized that it was design that I was interested in more than anything. So Shiffted clothing was scratched, and I continued to push the name for my own designs for quite awhile. 

When I think back to myself as Shiffted Design I think of bad shirt designs and "custom coded myspace pages". So if not just for a more professional and personal touch working as Design By Jaiden it might just be important for my own mindset. At least I'll be thinking I'm more legit now, right?!

Since the name change I decided I wanted to try and take myself more serious. Not to release any work I wasn't absolutely proud of, and to work on defining my own style. I've worked with less clients since, but I've completed a million more (not even a exaggeration) personal projects in pursuit of defining my personal style and ability in design. This last year I have learnt so much more then I had in the two years before it. I'm getting the hang of illustrator, I spend as much time as I can on Codecademy, and I enjoy checking out whats going on in the design world. Maybe I've just fallen in a deeper love with design, its a cool fucking thing.

Today I launched my website after having it sit on a "coming soon" landing page for a number of months. It will feel good to point bands and brands to an actual website now. As corny as it sounds, its only up from here.

I plan to update this blog as much as I can. I want to take a note of my processes in creating, so again in a year I can look back and decide how much harder I have to push myself. I've also got into creating my own textures of late, so hopefully I can post some goodies up. I also brought my first ever DSLR so hopefully photography is something I can nerd over as much as design.

I feel very excited about design in general, and excited about my own work. Thank you for reading if you made it this long in my rambles.

jaiden fahey